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Whatsup me right now!

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Nicole Degtyar’s biography and background
I believe that true talent is revealed not from academic accolades, but through a painting’s personal impact.

– Nicole Degtyar

Nicole Degtyar

Born and raised in the cultural capital of Russia, I have developed many interests. I am on a journey of self-discovery. Both from within, and through my travels, worldly experiences, and the wonderful people I meet along the way. This type of continual personal development, both as a person and Artist, is my lifetime goal. The “unknown” that the future holds is what makes this road a very exciting ride!

I was born into an actor’s family, I have always enjoyed drama, theatre, art, and history. I also love writing short stories, and this year I have published my first book, “Break Free.”
Having graduated from the English department of Saint-Petersburg University, I started working in the tour-guide field. This gives me a chance to meet different and unique people from all over the world, and see how special and unique we all are.

Art, and painting specifically, has always been a significant part of who I am and how I define myself. This led me to attended art-school for 6 years. Uniqueness is everywhere in the world, and my paintings are no exception. I convey different ideas through my work. I truly believe that all you can imagine can be real, even something that you have never seen.
Who knows, maybe it is just around the corner?…

I believe that true talent is revealed not from academic accolades, but through a painting’s personal impact. Only a dedicated effort will develop a body of work that will influence the Art World, and that is my intent.

My Artistic Inspiration is derived from vital mental images and thoughts I create. Particularly, an image of water raining down, beaming from your partner’s eyes, and reflected by rays of light. That image wakes my senses and soul, making me more aware of the beauty that the world has to offer, and helps me avoid taking for granted, the daily, common sights we all see. Through my art, I want to bring vibrant, engaging works for all the world. Especially since none of us know how much time on Earth we have. I strive to enhance the bright, beauty of life in everything I do.

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