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Whatsup me right now!

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Hermitage II

Painting for you
Painting for you
About This Project

We spent an amazing few days in St Petersburg. What helped make it so wonderful was our tour guide Nikki! She brought us to an outstanding gallery and to our great surprise, her work was being sold there. After we took a picture of the Hermitage from an angle we liked, she turned it into a one of a kind art piece! We talked about perspective and colors and technique. All of which came together in the picture “Hermitage II”. When we travel we always support local artists, but this was our first collaboration and we are just thrilled with the results. We hung it in the hallway on the way from my apartment door. This is a place of high visibility and I smile every-time I look at it, as well as remember so fondly our time spent in St. Petersburg.

Laurie Sterling, Chicago, USA

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